300ml ready to drink

Finally we have arrived in Dan Murphy's and we are excited to showcase our "Ready to Serve" cocktail.

Just over 2 years in the making we are using "real" coffee to highlight the fact we know coffee being in the industry for over 20 years.

We believe the balance of alcohol and coffee works and that it doesn't get overtaken by % of alcohol.

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Originating in the bars of Soho, London, the Espresso Martini has become an obsession with lovers of cocktails and coffee alike. The exact history of the Espresso Martini is not definite but one theory suggests the drink was created by cocktail guru Dick Bradsell in 1984, when a Supermodel came into and crassly asked him to make her a drink that would “wake me up, and then f@*# me up!!” and Dick’s subsequent creation was the first Espresso Martini.

The secret to a delicious martini lies in the ingredients and that means starting with excellent coffee. Developed by Coffee Experts, Justin Metcalf World Barista Judge ™ Espresso Martini is designed to retain a crisp and bright espresso flavour and perfectly blended with Vodka and a coffee liqueur. The base is a cold brew coffee, ground coffee steeped in chilled filtered to extract the bittersweet coffee flavours.

Aurigin is an innovative, passionate and professional coffee roasting company. In an ever changing and competitive coffee market we are always looking for new and exciting ways to be the best. In keeping with our philosophies on quality we have created a Cold Brew “Ready to Drink” Espresso Martini.  The 300ml bottle (8.6% Alc) is a perfect way to create two standard martinis, no mess, no fuss, yet matching, even bettering most bartender made cocktails

Backed by over 45 years’ experience in coffee and manufacturing industries, Directors Justin Metcalf and Duncan Jamiesonhave developed a “Ready to Drink” solution for retail and wholesale. Both Justin and Duncan believe they have mastered the flavour profile of a traditional made drink from a cocktail bar.  Creating and roasting different coffee blends and profiles to refine the beverage was one of the key aspects to making this drink successful. Coming from a coffee background, it was imperative that the espresso foundation for the martini be unique and pure.  Free of preservatives or additives, the Espresso Martini is ready to drink, just shake and pour.


When Justin Metcalf was asked what the inspiration behind the martini, he replied “With the growing worldwide trend of Espresso Martini’s we saw an opportunity to expand our coffee and beverage range, which is very exciting. Along with Australia’s insatiable need for a great martini, we are working hard on ensuring a great stable product.”

Duncan Jamieson is a qualified food scientist –“With the martini being a cold brew base, we are constantly working on providing a clean and hygienic, shelf stable beverage. Our customers' expectations guide our standards in taste and consistency, and our priority is on making sure that the product is food safe and stable, backed and supported by analysis. We don’t leave anything to chance.”

RELIVE THE RIVARLY 2016 at North Hobart Football ground. FINAL SCORES: Tasmania 15.16.106 defeated Victoria 14.14.98

Aurigin "Relive the Rivalry" Saturday 15th October at North Hobart Oval

Once again the game between Victoria and Tasmania is held at the home of Tasmanian football - North Hobart Oval. 
But this year "AURIGIN COFFEE" is the naming sponsor of the game. For us this is the perfect match. Coffee and football, how exciting!!!
Check out the website at 
Look forward to seeing you there. The day starts at St.Albi for the ladies breakfast and then follows into the game. Have a look at some of the Victorian players:


What a great night and thank you for everybody that came!!
Sumatran Tiger Trust Coffee Appreciation Night

Wanna Cuppa hosts an evening tasting and information night about the Sumatran Tiger Trust coffee.

Join us on Wednesday 31st August 2016 at 7.30pm at 15 New Bridge Road, Singapore.

Introducing a new concept coffee called “Tiger Mountain”, it combines great high grown Lintong Sumatra single origin coffee and assisting in the survival of the great Sumatran Tiger.

Every cup of coffee that we buy will help support the survival of the critically endangered King of the Sumatran forest.

The Sumatran tiger as its name suggests is found only on the island of Sumatra, the last stronghold for tigers in Indonesia. Like all tigers, the Sumatran is critically endangered because of poaching and habitat destruction there is fewer than 350 left in the wild.

Sadly the Bali and Java tigers have already been hunted into extinction. The good news is that we can still save the Sumatran Tiger!

As a company committed to social responsibility we have decided to do our part and bring you a delicious speciality coffee that is helping save the majestic Sumatran tiger at the same time.

Wanna Cuppa in conjunction with Justin Metcalf World Barista Judge and Jeannette Kwok are joining together to support this great cause.

By supporting this cause we can help stop the killing of these great animals, assist in trading with the coffee farmers and bring to the consumers great coffee with a real cause.

Look forward to seeing you all there!!

Regards, Justin Metcalf 


There are many stories and opinions that I like to convey through my travels for coffee and sport.

Aurigin now has "The Ultimate Flavour Companion" is flavoured sugars. Made of alll natural ingredients, they are designed to compliment your coffee and leave you with a pleasant aftertaste. Please contact us for further information -  

UPDATE on the "Wanna Cuppa" Coffee Appreciation Night

What a great night it was! Over 50 interested coffee people enjoying a night of drinking coffee and asking many questions about this wonderful product. 
A big thanks to all involved and hope to see you all again!

Regards Justin Metcalf 


Coffee Appreciation Night - Singapore 

A short introductory coffee course which includes tasting of 4 coffees that inspire Justin’s Signature Blend, pouring techniques for latte art, a Q&A session with the former Head Judge for the World Barista's Championships. Nibbles will be provided.

With 10 years’ experience at the highest level as ex Chairman & one of the three international experts to the prestigious WBC Judge & Certification Committee, Justin has tasted some of the most exceptional coffee around the world. In 2011, the Master Roaster opened his first coffee roastery in Melbourne, Australia.

$10.00/pax. Limited Seats. Drop us a message to reserve now!

For information about Justin:

When: Friday 4th March at 7.00pm


Hi everybody, just to let you know that we have the new Aurigin Youtube up and running and please check it out at the following: 

What you will find is many tutorials on "How to use you Nespresso compatible capsules and machine"

Have a great Christmas everyone and a safe New Year!!!


The forerunner to the World Barista Championships was the Norwegian Barista Championship first organized in 1998. Alf Kramer came up with the idea that there should be a barista competition in the same way as the culinary chefs competed. It needed a marketing tool to spread the gospel of specialty coffee and raise the bar of the barista profession. It needed PR and media attention, to recognize that coffee was more than industrial mainstream coffees.

So Willy Hansen, Arvid Skovli and Tone Liavaag from (Solberg & Hansen) Oslo, Norway, together with Alf Kramer set up the first competition. It was a success, but there were also a lot of mistakes. This competition gave the group the insight and the right path for the future of the competition and Tone rewrote the rules and regulations, made new scoring sheets, training of baristas and create more standards.

At the same time the SCAE was founded in `98, Alf Kramer became its first president. When the SCAE was to organize their first convention in 2000, Alf put forward the idea of having a World Barista Championship to the SCAE board. He asked Tone if she could organize it and she accepted. It could not be that different of a Norwegian one. As for the Norwegian competition, the strategy was same, we wanted and needed attention and we got it. All good forces were asked to help out getting a barista to represent their nation (no national competitions were organized since no one at that time had heard so much about it). One used the contacts one had at that time and we were able to get 12 countries to participate in the first WBC. A lot of individuals within the SCAE board used their coffee contacts around the world, and without this network it’s wasn't certain that it would take place. 

After WBC Monte Carlo, Monaco 2000 a lot of positive synergies started. Rumours spread in the years to come that there was a competition going on an many nations wanted to set up national competitions which we helped set up. SCAA wanted to host the WBC in Miami in 2001 and the two boards SCAA and SCAE came to an agreement. 

The WBC was still in its infant stage and a lot had to be changed. When Oslo, Norway got the opportunity to host the WBC 2002, it was time to make it into a more professional competition. So Tone Liavaag changed the competition format – the physical set up – which is the same as today. The main rules and regulations were rewritten for the 2002 competition alongside with the new judge and certification program. Most of it is still the same today, but of course it has been modifications over the years.

Australia has been a major part in the WBC since its inception back in 2000. We had George Sabados from Sydney represent Australia in Monte Carlo with Instaurator by his side and assisting in securing Australia long term involvement in this event.
Australia’s involvement has been a major influence I believe in growing the event not only here, but globally. The likes of Emily Oak, Instaurator, George Sabados, Paul Bassett (World Barista Champion 2003), have had a major impact on espresso coffee in the WBC format. Many Australian names have been missed, for which I am sorry!
I started my International Judging career (2002) and first meet with Tone Liavaag. We developed an relationship that went on to cultivate the judges certification program that officially started in 2004 in Trieste, Italy and as mentioned before, which is much the same today as it was then. My personal opinion is that Tone Liavaag from Solberg & Hansen was the driving force behind the success of the WBC and should be greatly recognised for her time and effort in creating this premium world event!!
From the Australian side, Instaurator & Emily Oak have been the driving force in maintaining & securing the relationships that have been formed to obtain the WBC in Australia 2013. 

Still the WBC serves its purpose. The bar has definitely been raised within the barista profession and the marked has recognized Barista as a profession. If one goggled barista 12 years ago – one got “barrister”. There are no longer 6-8 nations in the lead; there are now 50 + countries that can be potential winners of the WBC. The development within the coffee producing countries has been enormous. The competition has been a bridge between producing and consuming countries. And I have been proud to been a part of it in the early days and seeing it the way it is today is a great credit to many unpaid people within the coffee industry. 

Written by Justin Metcalf & Tone Liavaag 

Fritz Storm (2002 WBC Champion) discusses tactics with Justin Metcalf

Is Snobbery stopping the development of the Australian Coffee Industry?

Recently, I was quoted in the "Australian" newspaper under the heading "Will anyone buy our beans?".

My company has been working with the  Skybury Coffee plantation in conjunction with  Aussie Farmers Direct  attempting to assist the Australian farmers.

And if your reading this as an educated coffee person or someone from the coffee industry, you will simply say that Australian coffee isn't as good as the rest of the world.

I certainly know that many people are very critical of Australian coffee as they speak about the altitude, the equator and the volcanic soil that the best speciality coffees are produced. Just because in Australia we don't have the same conditions can we not try to improve that situation?

But I think differently about this whole situation.

Given that this is my own opinion for what it is worth, the Australia coffee industry needs to step and assist OUR farmers in the development of the coffee bean here in Australia. Many coffee personalities travel extensive miles around the world to visit co-operatives, coffee farms and individual farmers to assist in developing unique favour profiles to get an edge in the market, yet will not travel to Queensland to support and help our industry.

And why is it that we all complain about the cost of grocery items, products from retail stores, etc. and yes, they are expensive, so we grab the cheapest product from the supermarket shelf (that is not Australian) and then we go on-line and purchase retail items from overseas because its cheaper - WHAT ABOUT CHOOSING AUSTRALIAN PRODUCT?

If we all supported and purchased Australian made products, we would have more jobs, the economy would be stronger and the future for our kids would be stronger and sustainable.

As said before, I love this country and the people that live here, but I am some what confused about how hypocritical we all are?  


Victoria V Tassie for Muscular Dystrophy Tasmania

Over the weekend, I had the privilege to participant in the Victoria V Tasmanian "Relive the Rivalry" charity match in Hobart.

SIX of the best by Tiger legend Matthew Richardson helped Tasmania to a 32-point win over Victoria in a fun footy match for charity at North Hobart.

There was more weight and less hair, less skills and much less pace than their glory days.

But the camaraderie was enormous as former AFL players joined with some of Tasmania’s finest to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Tasmania.

That 3500 people turned out today to watch the Relive the Rivalry match spoke volumes for the quality of players who gave their time for a good cause.

When the final siren sounded for Tassie’s 17.9 (111) to 12.7 (79) win, spectators rushed the field and most of them made straight for “Richo”.

My good mate "Libba" told me on Saturday night after the game he kicked 5 goals and was best on ground but that was after a few beers that were well deserved.

A major congratulations to Jaimes Wiggins and his team for once again putting on an outstanding event.

If anyone out there is interested in getting involved in this event or more importantly make a donation to Muscular Dystrophy Tasmania  please contact Jaimes via his email at all monies donated are 100% to the cause!!

Check out the website links below for further information and look forward to attending next years event with some training behind me!!

Regards a very sore and tired Justin Metcalf


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