Justin Metcalf World Barista Judge Products

We have a wide range of different products:



                                  FLAVOURED SUGAR RANGE                                                                                      JUSTIN METCALF COFFEE RANGE


                          COLD BREW                                                            REG BARBER TAMPERS                                               ESPRESSO MARTINI 

Aussie Farmers Direct 

Justin Metcalf and Aussie Farmers have come together to supply the following products:

  • 200 gram Australian Coffee Beans
  • 200 gram Australian Ground Coffee
  • "Nespresso Compatible" 100% Australian Coffee Capsules

All the coffee is from Skybury Coffee Plantation

                                                                                                               AUSSIE FARMERS RANGE 

Watch this you tube link below, it is the CEO of Aussie Farmers Direct Mr Keith Louie being interviewed on Sky Business News. He mentions our coffee at the 7 minute mark - Great Stuff, thanks Keith!!!


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